Want Inspired Employees? Start With Yourself

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Entrepreneurs have long enjoyed an advantage over their bigger business counterparts in that they realize the importance of inspiring their employees and keeping them engaged and excited about achieving both personal and company goals. To inspire this kind of excitement in others, however, entrepreneurs must remember to first foster it in themselves. An inspirational leader understands that business transformation begins with personal transformation.

Mohan Nair, chief innovation officer of Cambia Health Solutions and author of “Strategic Business Transformation: The 7 Deadly Sins to Overcome,” shared eight tips for self-transformation with IT Business Edge blogger Don Tennant, all of which can help entrepreneurs become an inspirational leader to their employees.

A theme of self-assessment figures strongly into Nair’s tips. He suggests, for example, that great leaders must endeavor to find their strengths and determine how they can translate them into value for their organization. They also must constantly evaluate their own skills and knowledge, with the aim of recognizing what may hinder their ability to perform so they can improve on it.

Nair recommends that leaders finding a passion, a cause, some part of the business that they believe in and focus on that, which is stronger than any company mission statement. And he says companies should look for momentum – those products and services that fill a need people didn’t know they had. That’s where true business momentum comes from.

Adapted from Eight Self-Transformation Tips That Can Transform Business from IT Business Edge.