Today Is Supposed to Be the Absolute Best Day of the Year to Buy a New Car

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Tuesday, November 30, has been identified as the best day of year to get a deal on a new car, with discounts sometimes in excess of 35% off the sticker price.

The folks at recommend today as the best day to head to a car dealership and haggle. Why today? Researchers say there’s a magical combo of manufacturers’ rebates and incentives, sales trends, and a strong desire among dealerships to not only make end-of-the-month sales but also make way for 2011 models. Last year, after the car geeks collected all of the data, they said that Black Friday was the best day to buy a car. But in 2010, the day to buy is today, November 30.

What kind of deals can you expect? TrueCar lists 10 models with discounts ranging from 19% to 37% off the MSRP. A 2010 Mazda 3 with a sticker price of over $16K can be had for a smidge over $10K, for example. The average price paid by the consumer for the well-reviewed Ford Focus should be around $12,800, after factoring in incentives and rebates, a 25% discount off the $17K sticker price.

If you’re unable to buy today, don’t fret. The end of the calendar year is also considered among the best times of year to snag a new vehicle on the cheap. If that is also too soon for you to purchase, there’s sure to be another best time of year to buy—like Labor Day Weekend, for instance.

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