Election Day retread: The American most qualified to be president

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Okay, so it’s only Election Day in Massachusetts. But I’d been thinking that, since this is my last week of blogging at the Curious Capitalist, I ought to repurpose some of my favorite old posts. So here’s one from the heat of the 2008 election campaign. It begins:

I just can’t wrest myself away from this topic of the experience one supposedly needs to be president or v.p. I guess because so many people keep saying so many transparently and amusingly partisan things about it. Just to review, over the past few weeks we’ve learned that to be truly qualified to run for president or vice president:

1. You should have held office for years and years.

2. You should have executive experience. …

You can read the rest here. (Hint: Jerry Brown plays a role.)

Update: It’s Election Day in Birmingham too! (Having your mayor convicted of multiple crimes can wreak havoc with your city’s election schedule.)