The memo can wait. It’s Cyber Monday!

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Today is a big shopping day for office workers as we put our deadlines aside, crack our knuckles and start clicking on online holiday sales. Reports,

“Cyber Monday,” the first weekday after Thanksgiving, usually sees the first spike in online spending habits for the holiday season. That’s in part because people are shopping from work, after being off for the Thanksgiving holiday – comScore said purchases from work account for approximately half of all online spending.

Comscore predicts sales for November and December will hit about $29.2 billion, which is unchanged from last year. PCWorld says 84% of online retailers offer some sort of Cyber Monday promotion (PCWorld also lists 20 of the hottest deals in electronics…$500 laptops? Hot mama).

Almost a third of workers shop while at work, says, but beware: about half of employers monitor workers’ online whereabouts.

How guilty do you feel about doing your holiday shopping on company time? More importantly: whatcha snag? A $12 Hannah Montana briefcase? Mink ear muffs for $40? A body-part enhancer for $199?