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Faithful TIME.com blog-readers may have noticed something odd today: the blogs kind of disappeared. Long story short, we’ve had major server problems, and as a result we’ve had to re-launch all of our blogs on WordPress. The upside is a faster, better, more stable platform. The downside is we’ll need a few days to get our archives back and work out the bugs, and commenters not currently registered with WordPress will have to re-register. For this last part in particular, I beg your forgiveness. Our commenters are critical to the success of our blogs, and we hate to do anything that makes your participation more difficult. Luckily, re-registration is easy, and one username and password gives you access to all our blogs. You can REGISTER HERE.

I apologize again for the inconvenience, and for being down when there’s so much going on in the world.


Josh Tyrangiel
Managing Editor