Top reasons why we change jobs

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A new online survey from Right Management, which says it’s “the world’s leading provider of integrated human capital consulting services and solutions across the employment lifecycle”:

1. Downsizing or restructuring (54%)

2. Sought new challenges or opportunities (30%)
3. Due to ineffective leadership (25%)
4. Poor relationship with manager (22%)
5. To improve work/life balance (21%)
6. Contributions were not valued (21%)
7. Better compensation and benefits (18%)
8. Better alignment of personal and organizational values (17%)
9. Personal strengths and capabilities weren’t a good fit (16%)
10. Company was financially unstable (13%)
11. Company or job relocated (12%)

Meantime, another survey, this one from RiseSmart—a job search site that “caters to jobseekers earning $100K or more and that’s backed by former CareerBuilder and HotJobs execs”—finds one in three people already employed spends an hour a day looking for a new job. Are you one of them? Why?