I cain’t quit you, New York Times

A couple of months ago, just before I left for my hometown in Japan, I canceled my newspaper subscription. My reasons:

a. Money. At $1.50 a day, plus the pricey Sunday paper, I was shelling out $42.50 a month. That’s a wasabi pea compared to, say, my cable bill ($145 to Time Warner, with the employee discount of bubkis). But it seemed …

New column: America’s No. 1 export

What is America’s No. 1 export? Debt. And that’s what my column in the new issue of TIME, with the clipout ballot on the cover, is about. It begins:

Japan and Germany make cars. Saudi Arabia pumps oil. China supplies the world with socks and toys and flat-screen TVs. What does the United States produce? Lots of stuff, but in recent years

The economics of the McCain-Obama debate

What did we learn about the candidates’ economic policies tonight?

John McCain is going to cut pork-barrel spending. All $18 billion of it.

Barack Obama has a lot of seven- (or five- or three- or whatever) point plans to make things better for nurses and other regular folks like you and me.

And they’re both going to vote for the …

Welcome to my bank, WaMu customers!

Yeah, I’m sure all those concerns about the stability of the nation’s financial system are overblown. So what if the government seized the country’s largest depository institution after its souring mortgage portfolio triggered write-downs and losses and a lack of confidence that triggered more than $16 billion in deposit outflows in 10 …

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