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Janet Yellen Steps In at the Fed

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Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images

Dr. Janet Yellen during her confirmation hearing of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill November 14, 2013 in Washington.

After being confirmed by the Senate, Janet Yellen will take over as chairman of the Federal Reserve at the end of January. On Morning Edition, WNYC’s Money Talking examined the policy objectives of the first woman to hold the world’s largest economy in her hands.


Rana and the soon to be bankrupt TIME Magazine have been predicting rainbows and unicorns for five years of this catastrophic Obama presidency. The so-called curious capitalist has yet to remove her lips from Obozo's posterior long enough to take stock of the wreckage he has wrought upon the nation. Now, we are to believe that Janet Yellen is going to make everything all better. Why? Apparently, gender is destiny for the overly feminized mainstream media. It's not too long ago that low information voters were convinced by the media that they could wash away the nation's original sin - racism, doncha know- by electing an unqualified, untested, and unremarkable Teleprompter reader. Now that white America has learned the hard way that they've been lied to, maybe we can finally get back to judging qualifications and accomplishments rather than gender and race.