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Money Talking: Is the Stock Market Entering Another Bubble?

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Tomorrow marks the four year anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers … and the moment when our economy went off the cliff.

Today, with an economy that’s still just sputtering along, Wall Street has come roaring back. Why is the S & P up 14 percent when nearly every bit of real economic news is bad? And has anything really changed in the banking industry? For thoughts on this and more, tune into WNYC’s Money Talking, with Time’s Rana Foroohar and the New York Times’ Joe Nocera.

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Raymond Chuang
Raymond Chuang

The fear right now is that Europe has not yet completely stabilized the Eurozone, considering the continuing problems in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece especially. One wrong move and the consequences could be worldwide.


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Maureen Owen
Maureen Owen

ENTERING another bubble??  ENTERING??

By the time you mainstream press people become aware of something, it's already been happening for at least two years. And everyone else is already talking about it. Next you'll be telling us climate change is happening!