Drive a Hummer, get mooned in Silver Lake

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Yeah, it’s from Newsweek, but this saga of driving a Hummer in LA is just too good not to link to:

After burning a gallon of gas every eight miles, our intrepid car reviewer Tara Weingarten and Business Editor David Jefferson stopped at an outdoor café in the trendy Silver Lake neighborhood, just down the block from an auto shop that converts cars to run on vegetable oil (Lovecraft Biofuels said it couldn’t help us with our Hummer). Parallel-parking the beast caused a commotion: David had to hop out to direct Tara, an expert driver who wound up cutting off a biker, blocking two lanes of traffic and rear-ending a bush before pulling into the space. The disgusted diners had had enough. Three flipped us off, and one even dropped trou and mooned our Hummer.

The piece comes with a four-part, almost 12-minute video, which is a mite excessive but is pretty well done. I don’t think there’s any actual mooning to be seen in it, but I didn’t watch the entire thing.