On TV: Retirement Revolution

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PBS is airing a two-part documentary starting tonight (what time? check your local listings) called Retirement Revolution, and I’m in it. I’m pretty sure I’m not in tonight’s episode, though it’s possible that just I missed myself while fast-forwarding through the podcast. But that doesn’t make it any less edifying.

The show is a pretty ambitious attempt both to explain how we ended up with our current messy retirement situation and give some personal finance advice on what to do about it. My role is to briefly and not-very-eloquently explain the origins of the 401(k), and then even more briefly warn viewers that, uh, investing can be risky.

Part II, in which I do all this, appears to be airing next Tuesday night in most places, although here in New York they’re showing it Friday night. Or you can just watch it online here (warning: it can take a while to load).