Exclusive images from behind the Orange Curtain!

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Sorry for the anemic posting this week. I seem to have mostly recovered from the horrible disease I had a couple days ago, although I’ve been warned by lots of people (including Curious Capitalist Jr.) that it will probably recur. And now I’m in Southern California for a family thing (the funeral of a beloved grandmother-in-law, to be specific). So there won’t be a whole lotta blog output today either. But I have taken these lovely photos with my Blackberry from the “sun deck” of the Holiday Inn Express in Costa Mesa. Which I can recommend for the surprisingly high quality of its linens. But not for the view.


Update: My Costa Mesan cousin thinks its terribly unfair of me to run two such ugly photos from one of the most beautiful places on the planet. So here’s a shot of Blackie’s Beach I took last summer: