Social networking inspires art (in the form of parody love songs)

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Because this blog sometimes covers the business of social networking, it seems appropriate to share the two social networking love songs I stumbled across last week. (If you’ve already heard ’em, move on. Nothing to hear here.)

The first, from the formerly ubiquitous ze frank, is the charming and insanely catchy “A Social Network for Two.” (Via Valleywag.) Here’s a new animated version from Shaun Moriarty. And those who wish to gush to ze about how much they love the song may join the legions already doing so here.

Meanwhile, Penn Masala offers this creepy but nonetheless kinda catchy post-teen anthem, “I Can Be Your Facebook Stalker” (via Amit Varma):

Penn Masala, formed in 1996 at the University of Pennsylvania, bills itself as “the world’s first and premier Hindi a cappella group.” (The proliferation of these postgraduate a cappella groups is starting to weird me out a little.) If you want the catchy without the creepy, you can check out their latest song, the Hindi/English Aankhon Mein Tu Hai.