Greenspan worship continues, although it’s got nothing on Rubin worship

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Barbara Kiviat has a very entertaining piece up on about the visit she paid yesterday to a Greenspan book signing down at the Wall Street Borders. A highlight:

So, had they read the book, which had been selling since the day before? No. But the question prompted Oliver Young to remove his copy from the Borders bag he was holding and open it up to the pictures section. “Are there any pictures of Robert Rubin in here?” he asked. “Robert Rubin was here a few years ago. I really like him. I was really excited to meet him.” Young found his Rubin picture — a reproduction of a 1999 Time magazine cover that included Greenspan, then-Treasury Secretary Rubin, and Rubin’s then-deputy Lawrence Summers. “Yeah, I have this issue,” Young said. “This was a great issue.”