Wall Street

Odd Couple Debt Dance In D.C. Spooks Markets

Can two major political parties get along without driving the financial markets crazy? Apparently not, as Democrats and Republicans – the odd couple of U.S. politics – still aren’t on the same page in agreeing to a new debt …

Banks Are Hurting? It’s All Relative

The latest out of Wall Street-land is a warning by analysts at Citibank that profits at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley (and to a lesser degree at other banks as well) will show a sharp contraction for the second quarter of …

5 Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

After Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for scamming people out of billions while operating what has been described as the large Ponzi scheme in history, you would think people would be a bit smarter about …

China’s Hot New Export: Financial Fraud

Stock and accounting fraud are nothing new. And yes, we have plenty of home-grown frauds. (Remember Enron?) But so far this year, the vast majority of stock fraud seems to be coming to American investors by way of China.

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