Portfolio Strategy

What Do You Mean We’re Going to Get Old?

Everyone seems to want lifetime-income products as a 401(k) option. But our retirement system is so skewed toward accumulating, not drawing down, assets that the income problem managed to catch us by surprise. Change is coming–but not nearly fast enough.

Are Dividend Stocks the Next Bubble?

Dividend stocks are leading the market and some pundits believe the rally is a bubble about to end badly. But they may be underestimating the flood of income-starved retiree money heading this direction in a record low-yield environment.

How to Dump Your Fee-Filled 401(k)

401(k) fees are back in the news. These plans still make sense for many workers, especially if there is a company match. But it’s tough to make the case for sticking around once you retire or find another job. Here are four ways to treat your 401(k) assets.

Why Annuities are the Answer (But Such a Tough Sell)

The decline of traditional pensions and steady erosion of Social Security benefits has begun to leave most retirees without a source of guaranteed lifetime income. Plugging that hole is emerging as the most important retirement issue of our day.

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