Market Reality Check

The market craziness continues, with stocks down, commodities crashing, and bond yields rising. As usual during such periods, wild theories about what’s happening abound: The U.S. recovery is a mirage; China is having a Lehman Brothers-style meltdown; etc.

Google Wants Your Money, But Not Your Advice

Big tech companies like Google and Facebook have made their fortunes by putting the power of the Internet in the hands of ordinary people. But when it comes to empowering their own shareholders, these companies are a lot less willing to relinquish control.

When these firms went public in 2004 and 2012 respectively, they each issued …

S&P Upgrade of U.S.: More Proof the Ratings Agency Shouldn’t Play Politics

On Monday ratings giant Standard & Poor’s raised the U.S.’s credit outlook from “negative” to “stable.” That may sound a bit like the equivalent of Arrested Development’s Bluth Company going from “Triple Sell” to “Don’t Buy,” but in these troubled economic times, Americans should take what they can get. Thanks to a housing rebound, stock …

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