Hey, Frequent Overdrafters! The Banks Want You!

You’re not supposed to spend money you don’t have. But this is what you’re doing when you buy something with a debit card and don’t have enough in your bank account to cover the tab—in other words, an overdraft. Since banks make money when their customers spend money they don’t have, the banks basically encourage customers to do …

Cheapskate Wisdom from … Barack Obama (on Teaching Kids about Money)

“So many of the problems that we see had to do with the fact that just basic calculations about compound interest and — and what that means, you know, kids aren’t taught that. And so what I’m doing now with Malia and Sasha is, you know, they’re getting an allowance. They’re starting to get old enough where they may be able to earn some …

Survey: College Isn’t All That Great an Investment

Last year, 80% of Americans believed that college was a good financial investment. Now, results from the same survey show a sharp drop in confidence in the rewards of higher education, with only 64% of people saying that college is a good investment.

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