Mutual Funds

Are We Watching a ‘Great Rotation’ Into Stocks?

Money is flowing into stock funds this year. Skeptics abound but others believe that the Fed’s determination to rekindle an appetite for risk will produce a shift from bonds into stocks over the next few years and drive prices higher.

Why Risk is Back in Fashion

Fed Chief Ben Bernanke’s strategy for making risk fashionable is gaining traction. Affluent investors are jumping off the sidelines and home prices are getting a lift. We’re not out of the woods by a long shot. But do you really …

Are You Saving Too Much? No, Really

Even after the recession decimated the net worth of millions, some economists argue people are being tricked into saving more than they need. At least they have conviction.

How to Dump Your Fee-Filled 401(k)

401(k) fees are back in the news. These plans still make sense for many workers, especially if there is a company match. But it’s tough to make the case for sticking around once you retire or find another job. Here are four ways to treat your 401(k) assets.

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