New York Times Tangles with Patent Trolls

Patent trolls — shell firms that don’t produce anything but instead amass patents in order to sue real companies — have long been tormenting the technology sector. Now, they are coming for media companies and one famous …

Why Marissa Mayer Is Feeling Lucky

Silicon Valley likes leaders with star power, and they don’t come any bigger than Marissa Mayer, the newly anointed head of Yahoo. Her resume is surely the template for a post-modern, information-age celebrity CEO — Stanford artificial intelligence degree, employee No. 20 at Google, developer of the iconic white search page, user …

Suggested New Movement: “Cord Trimming”

in between that revolutionary band of consumers who say they no longer want to pay for channels they don’t use, and a video content establishment that says you need to support the incumbent pay TV model, there is … compromise.

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