Small Business

Credit where credit is due

Federal Reserve governor Elizabeth Duke is due to give a really nice piece of testimony tomorrow unpacking what’s going on with small-businesses lending. Judging by the advance text up on the Fed’s web site, it will be a joyously nuanced picture. Banks are hesitant to lend, yes, and are sometimes hamstrung by their own imprudent lending …

Rouge in Reverse

Huron Valley Steel is taking automobile deconstruction to its logical conclusion: metal and energy

Bottled Up

For the social-entrepreneur CEO of Belu, pursuing a purpose might be easier if he pursues a profit too

No Souvenirs

Using RFID, one firm makes sure that sponges don’t go home with surgical patients

“Smart Sponges”

A company finds a market for its “Smart Sponges”, chemically-engineered filters that effectively — and cheaply — purify storm-water runoff

Absorbing a Setback

AbTech’s founder couldn’t sell his pollution solution to Big Oil. Turns out that big cities need it more

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