Paying With Plastic

5 Summer Travel Scams to Avoid

With the summer comes peak season for scammers coming up with new ways to empty tourists’ wallets — increasingly, by getting their hands on travelers’ personal financial information. Here are five tricks to be on the lookout …

4 Prepaid Debit Card Fees You Should Never Pay

The entrance of mainstream financial institutions transformed the prepaid debit card market. Customers have more options today, and many of the newer cards closely resemble the checking accounts they are replacing.

The big difference is that prepaid cards are more lightly regulated than bank accounts, which is a concern to consumer …

Why Banks Love Debit Cards Again

Debit cards were supposed to be toast. The industry started writing their obituary when financial reform targeted overdraft fees and interchange or “swipe” fees, which had made debit cards extremely lucrative for banks. So …

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