Credit Cards

PayPal President Gets His Credit Card Hacked

PayPal President David Marcus has been the victim of credit card fraud, he said on Monday. The leader of the online payments company revealed via Twitter that his credit card information had been stolen on a trip to the United …

Lumps of Coal: The Worst Store Credit Card Offers of the Season

This time of year, you can hardly stroll past a store or log onto a retailer’s website without getting bombarded with offers for special financing via that merchant’s proprietary credit card. Many of them tout no-interest financing for a year, two years — sometimes even longer. But not all of these deals are created equal. All come …

6 Tips to Maximize Credit Card Rewards

Rewards are the primary reason people pick one credit card over another, but many of us don’t really understand the rewards programs that are driving our choices. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is investigating how

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