Shout Out: ‘Why Top Colleges Squeeze You Dry’

“Based on my experience as the vice president for finance and administration at a prominent college in the early 2000s, I suggest that the answer is simple: Top private institutions charge what they do because a substantial number of people will pay it.”

What’s Up? Also, What’s Down

The economy has had its ups and downs—OK, mostly downs of late. Here, some statistics showing the economic fallout on all sorts of things, including cheap booze sales (they’re up), military recruits with college degrees (also up), and excuses for getting out of jury duty (way up).

How Inertia Can Cost You Big Time

When most people receive bills, they dutifully pay them, no questions asked. But by sitting back and complacently paying bills as they’re presented, you’re probably spending hundreds, even thousands more dollars a year than you need to. What should you do instead? Be aware, and be a pain in the butt.

Marriage: A Good Investment for Guys

A new study is out showing that in 1970, an unmarried man was better off financially than the guy who had tied the knot. Today, the reverse is true. Will the news bring on a mad rush of men chomping at the bit to pop the question?

Car Insurance: Proof It Really Pays to Shop Around

There’s not much rhyme or reason to how and why car insurance rates vary so widely, but vary widely is exactly what they do—for the same coverage, same driver history, and so on. This is why you’ve got to go through the rigamarole of getting multiple quotes.

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