Financial Planning

It’s Back, not a Moment Too Soon: The 401(k) Match

When times got lean three years ago, a host of companies stopped matching employee 401(k) contributions and you had to wonder if the benefit would ever be restored. Temporary measures that pad the bottom line have a way of sticking around – like the toll on a bridge that has long since been paid for.

How to Retire in a Bear Market

A lot of folks in and near retirement are finding out the hard way what studies have long shown: Market declines are especially damaging in the years just before or after you quit work for good.

Bond Yield Hits Historic Low: 0%

The Treasury Department set at zero the fixed portion of the yield on Inflation bonds, guaranteeing that new buyers will never earn more than the rate of inflation for the 30-year life of their investment.

5 Ways to Recognize a Financial Scam

With a tough economy making timely retirement less likely for many folks, retirement-related financial scams may be on the upswing. Here are five ways to know if you are being played.

Americans Saved Less Money Last Month

In September, consumers spent more but made less than expected. As a result, the national savings rate dropped to 3.6%, which is the lowest level it has been since the beginning of the recession. And that has some people nervous.

How to Calculate the Real Cost of College

Amid rising tuition and shrinking state funding, high schoolers and their parents can at least get a little more clarity now as they try to figure out which colleges they can afford to attend. Beginning Oct. 29, more than 7,000

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