Financial Education

Finally, A Convenient Way to Get Income for Life: Feds Push A New 401(k) Option

With traditional pensions disappearing, securing reliable low-cost lifetime income for retirees has emerged as a top issue among financial planners and policymakers. Finally, a solution is in sight. The federal government has issued new regulations designed to encourage two important changes:

  • Allow 401(k) plan participants to easily

Pension Income Is Guaranteed, Right? Yes, But …

As if we needed another reminder that our safety net is threadbare, AMR Corp., the American Airlines parent company, says it will shut down pensions covering 130,000 employees and retirees as part of a reorganization in …

How Obama Plans to Stop Big College Tuition Hikes

President Obama said in his state of the union speech that it’s time to cut federal aid to any college that does not keep tuition increases in check. The hope is that they will then find ways to cut costs and make college more …

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