Real Estate Markets

The Newest Real Estate Trouble: “Flopping”

Real estate markets are somewhat inefficient. This shortcoming allows me to make my living, because as an agent, I can add value with a keen sense of pricing. However, the imperfect market also allows room for scams. Meet the …

Homeowner Forecloses on Bank of America

In a modern-day evocation of David’s slingshot triumph over Goliath, a couple of foreclosed homeowners in Naples, Fla., reportedly foreclosed on a Bank of America branch last week, their attorney actually having moving trucks …

Wanna Buy a House with No Money Down? Not Gonna Happen

If you want to buy a house anytime soon, you better start saving—immediately, and in large quantities. Toward the end of 2010, the median down payment on homes bought with conventional mortgages was 22% in a sampling of major U.S. cities, up from as low as 4% in the fourth quarter of 2006.

The Crappy Housing Market, by the Numbers

This shouldn’t come as news to anyone, but these statistics show just how bad of a time it is to try to sell a house—and also how difficult it is for many homeowners to afford the ones they have.

Study: No Reason to Pay Realtor Commissions When Selling a House

There’s an assumption that the 6% typically paid in realtor commissions on a home sale is worth it because the seller will command a higher price than if he’d gone the “for sale by owner” route. But a trio of academics who researched years of home sales says that this assumption is false. In fact, they discovered that owner sellers got …

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