Real Estate Markets

Are You Sure You Can Rent Out Your Condo?

Condominium owners are a very specific breed: willing, if not eager, to give up the privacy of a single-family house in exchange for handing over the burdens of maintenance, lawn-mowing and pool-cleaning to someone else.

When Billionaires Move

Alexander Rovt, a Ukrainian billionaire who made his money in fertilizer, just bought one of Manhattan’s most storied mansions off Central Park for some $30 million. As a result, he’s selling his “old” house — which he spent …

Home Sales Plummet: How to Fix the Housing Market

It’s time for new housing market stimulus. But how? Home sales fell 3.8% in May. That might not sound like a big drop in sales. After all, real estate is double dipping. But for this time of year, it’s big. May and June are …

What Should I Bid on a House?

Let me revisit a classic home buyer's question ("What should I bid on a property?") with some insights for today's modern, love-to-bargain, Internet data-filled world. It's a re-examination of home buying in a Groupon …

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