Real Estate Markets Founder Sells Condo — Using Real Estate Agent

Correction: An earlier version of this article mistakenly identified Colby Sambrotto as a founder of In fact, he is a founder of

They’re known as “FSBOs” — properties that are For Sale By Owner. Every year, hundreds of thousands of properties are listed, not by real estate agents, but by the owners …

Why the Fed Announcement Won’t Boost the Housing Market

The Federal Reserve’s announcement this week that it would keep a key interest rate near zero seemed designed to be a chill pill — a way to calm jittery stock market investors by showing that it recognized, and was trying to manage, economic weakness. Whether the announcement was good for real estate is another story.

U.S. Senator Proposes Renting Out Foreclosures

There’s an old Lily Tomlin joke where she says, “Wouldn’t it be great if all the people in New York who talk to themselves were paired off, so it looks like they’re talking to each other?”

In a similar spirit, apparently, …

Are Luxury Condos Back?

From Boston: Median prices of downtown condos jumped up 10.2% over last year, led by two June sales of condos — not houses, mind you — of over $12 million each.

From Miami: Average sales volumes of downtown condos rose 35.2% …

10 Things That Are Actually Getting Cheaper

We live in a time when the costs of things like gas and gold have soared, just as a laundry list of everyday expenses such as coffee, rent, health care, used cars, and bacon are approaching or have already reached all-time high …

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