How Nevada Became the Go-To State to Evade Taxes

Nevada rolled out the welcome mat in the 1940s for mobsters who transformed the sleepy town of Las Vegas into Sin City. Now, the Silver State appears to be welcoming a new generation of entrepreneurs looking for a legal haven for …

Foreclosures Are Bad for Your Health

Losing your home is a nightmare—enough to make you sick to your stomach, and then some. Just how stressful is it to go through a foreclosure? A new study indicates that a rise in foreclosures correlates to an increase in …

U.S. Senator Proposes Renting Out Foreclosures

There’s an old Lily Tomlin joke where she says, “Wouldn’t it be great if all the people in New York who talk to themselves were paired off, so it looks like they’re talking to each other?”

In a similar spirit, apparently, …

Man Gets $330,000 Home for $16

Thanks to a little-known Texas law, a man found an abandoned $300,000 home, moved his stuff in and filled out some paperwork. It cost him $16. Now, apparently he’s a homeowner.

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