Top Grinchiest Stories of the 2012 Holiday Season

Given the number of recent Grinch-like thefts and other Grinch-like actions that have ruined Christmas for some, it looks like there are indeed people whose hearts are two sizes too small. Here’s a roundup of this season’s …

FTC to “Rachel”: Shut Up, Already

Score one for the feds in its ongoing cat-and-mouse game with robo-call telemarketers. The agency just shut down five companies in Arizona and Florida responsible for what it characterized as millions of calls from “Rachel” and her fraudulent friends at “Cardholder Services.” 

The Poet Laureate of Identity Theft

To literary-minded Americans, he’s a scribe of suburban ennui. To a loose confederacy of Nigerian hackers, he’s a potentially lucrative collection of account numbers and passwords. In both cases, he’s Rick Moody. And after a …

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