The Great Debate: Do Millennials Really Want Cars, or Not?

Why are young people less likely to purchase cars, or even have driver’s licenses nowadays? One theory has it that the generation that came of age with the Internet and smartphones thinks cars are pretty lame. Automakers prefer to see the situation differently — that young people today love cars just as much as any other group, but …

The Real Reason Taco Bell Killed Kids Meals

The decision came down to money, not concerns about nutrition or childhood obesity. In fact, after eliminating kids meals, Taco Bell may wind up feeding just as many children as it did in the past—and they’re likely to pay more, while scarfing down even more calories.

Better Burger Wars: The Saga Continues

McDonald's may have pulled the plug on its pricey Angus “better burger” concept, but the category of $5 quick-service burgers is as hot as ever. Better burgers are taking new shape (sometimes with pretzel buns!), and they’re popping up overseas and even in supermarkets.

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