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When Job Hunting, Get HR on Your Side

When applying for a job, it’s easy to cast HR as your mortal enemy, or at least as an annoying hurdle to overcome. But partnering with HR will benefit you in the hiring process. Next time you are up for a job, consider doing these three things:

The Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs

Is the celebrity CEO back? You might think so given the buzz in business schools these days over the leadership lessons to be learned from the late Steve Jobs. Walter Isaacson’s best selling biography of the Apple founder gave us a uniquely anthropological view of Jobs, who was both bully and genius. That has a lot of folks in …

Why Companies Should Force Employees to Unplug

It is quitting time, and you know the drill. You grab your coat and slip on your Bluetooth for a quick call with a client on the commute home. You stop at the grocery store and, while you are in line, pluck out your BlackBerry to …

Define How Your Team Will Work

Most team leaders know to help their team define goals, but the conversation shouldn’t stop there. You also need to agree on the mechanics of how the team will get the work done. Here are four things that need to be clear on every team:

The Limitations of Looking at the Big Picture

On Wednesday, the World Economic Forum will gather on a pretty mountain in the Swiss village of Davos. Immortalized as the Magic Mountain in Thomas Mann’s classic novel about a tuberculosis sanatorium, Davos today attracts those

Is U.S. Manufacturing Really Back?

Is America in the middle of a manufacturing job revival? The latest numbers would make it seem so. The U.S. has added more net manufacturing jobs since the start of 2010 than the rest of the G7 nations put together, with only two …

5 Things To Look for in a Great Job Interview

In my career I have reviewed thousands of resumes and conducted hundreds of employment interviews for both The Trademark Company and other businesses for which I have worked. In doing so, I got to see the good, the bad, and the …

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