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How blogging makes my lunch taste better

I have no idea what the media landscape will look like a few years down the road. But I do know that blogs–or some even better means of self-publishing that hasn’t been named yet–will only grow in importance. Not because I’m writing one, but because there are so many examples of the genre that fill now-obvious needs that weren’t being …

Sheldon Adelson: The late bloomer multibillionaire

Sheldon Adelson is really into lists. On a visit to Fortune yesterday, he spent several minutes reeling off the (impressive) academic and other accomplishments of his two daughters–much to the embarrassment of one of them, Sivan, who was sitting next to him.

Before that Adelson (the “ad” is pronounced like advertising, not lemonade) had …

Faith Popcorn gave me her mouse pad!

The mouse pad pictured at left used to belong to famed trendinista Faith Popcorn, who grabbed it off her desk and handed it over to me this morning so I could read the list printed upon it of 17 trends that guide her firm‘s work. Then she told me to keep it.

I’ve been using it for a couple of hours now in place of my usual “Time Warner by …

When behaving ethically is a competitive advantage

Dov Seidman, the CEO of LRN, dropped by earlier this week. He’s visited before, and I haven’t known what to make of what he’s selling. LRN started out in 1992 as a legal research network (LRN, get it?) that law firms could outsource projects to, then got into compliance training for corporations, and now is all about training aimed at …

When leaking is the right thing to do

Most of the media coverage of HP’s scandal, including my own modest effort, has gone out from the assumption that corporate leaking isn’t nearly as bad as corporate spying. Of course we journalists think that, right? We’ve never met a leak we don’t like.

From the perspective of a shareholder in a publicly traded corporation, though, there

Who needs a board of directors, anyway?

While contemplating the strange mess that Hewlett-Packard’s board of directors has gotten itself into, one of my FORTUNE colleagues asked last week, “Why do companies have boards of directors, anyway?”

Why indeed? I did a little checking (starting with the strenuous act of going to SSRN and searching on “corporate board history”), and …

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