Economic Indicators

Fewer Americans Will Work: What That Means for the Economy

With last year’s presidential election so focused on jobs and the economy, the American public probably knows more about the nuances of the unemployment rate than they ever have before. One particular of the official unemployment rate that received attention last year is that the Labor Department counts someone as unemployed only if he …

Market Reality Check

The market craziness continues, with stocks down, commodities crashing, and bond yields rising. As usual during such periods, wild theories about what’s happening abound: The U.S. recovery is a mirage; China is having a Lehman Brothers-style meltdown; etc.

The Splurge Surge: Luxury Spending on the Rise

Wealthy Americans don’t really think that good times are here again for the economy. But they’re going on shopping sprees anyway, with increasing sales seen for luxury hotel stays, high-end automobiles, and more.

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