The Limitations of Looking at the Big Picture

On Wednesday, the World Economic Forum will gather on a pretty mountain in the Swiss village of Davos. Immortalized as the Magic Mountain in Thomas Mann’s classic novel about a tuberculosis sanatorium, Davos today attracts those

The Heavy Hitters of Davos 2012

Each year, the world’s most important decision makers in business, politics and the nonprofit world descend upon Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum to rub elbows and discuss the year to come. With the specter of a Eurozone breakup looming and the world economy clinging to a fragile recovery, these big-wigs will have plenty …

How to Save Capitalism

As the global economic crisis enters its fourth excruciating year, just about everybody who can be blamed for the downturn has been blamed. Irresponsible bankers. Greedy corporate executives. Incompetent regulators. Bickering …

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