Is Your Neighborhood Airport on the Decline? This Map Will Tell You

In the game of merger roulette that U.S. airlines have played in the past decade, few stakeholders have lost more than the Cincinnati airport. In 2003, 10.1 million people boarded 211,000 domestic flights departing from CVG. By 2012, nearly three-quarters of that traffic had withered. Last year, that figure was down to 2.8 million …

Asiana Crash: More Likely Than Pilot Error? Cockpit Miscommunication

At least in the media echo chamber, fault for the crash of the Asiana flight 214 in San Francisco last weekend is already pretty clear: some kind of screw-up by the pilot who’d never flown a Boeing 777 into San Francisco before and had only 43 hours’ experience in that plane.

Sure, the official NTSB investigation will take months, …

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