How to Make Airline Tickets Less … Awful

A consumer group is calling for more reasonable airline ticket policies, including eliminating standby fees and allowing passengers to transfer unused tickets to other travelers — neither of which would cost airlines a dime. But don’t hold your breath waiting for airlines to suddenly start caring about being fair and reasonable.

The Death of an American Icon

Aerospace giant Boeing is planning to shut down a historic manufacturing facility in Long Beach, California, a vestige of a golden era in aviation when manufacturing jobs fueled the state’s middle class

Cheap Flights to Europe Take Off: Flights Under $500 Round Trip, Fees Included

Travelers who recall the ’90s heyday of sub-$300 round trips to Europe (taxes included) haven’t been happy in recent years, when a $1,000 flight began looking like a decent price. Their moods may improve now that one of Europe’s largest low-cost carriers is expanding in a big way, with new routes and inexpensive prices that could upend …

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