Job Markets

Viewpoint: The Art of Badmouthing Good Jobs News

If there’s one thing that Americans for Prosperity won’t tolerate, it’s prosperity.

That was the message from the group’s leader following this morning’s economic news: a better-than-expected employment report, and the upward revision of figures for the prior two months. “Reckless spending, higher debt, and ever-higher …

Is High Unemployment Making Us All Sick?

Our persistently high unemployment rate is not only bad for the economy, it’s bad for our bodies and souls as well. Unemployment wears down the unemployed both mentally and physically. But high unemployment also hurts those …

What Older Workers Want

70 is the new 50 at work these days. A new survey about what older workers want shows how much our timeline has changed.

How to Get a Job? Beat the Machines

As most anyone who has recently applied for a job knows, hiring has changed dramatically in recent years. The Internet has replaced job advertisements in newspapers, one of the key factors driving the financial decline of the …

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