Business of Creativity

Craft Beer Makes a Movie

How an indie filmmaker rallied local breweries – borrowing their beer, clothes and even their workplaces — to capture Chicago’s budding, beermaking subculture in Drinking Buddies

Assessing the Creative Spark

Every opera you’ve ever heard, every painting you’ve ever admired is reducible to chemical signaling in the composer’s or artist’s brain. We can map where in those brains the work got done: some in the occipital, where imagery lives; some in the insula, which feels emotion. It isn’t beauty; it’s biology.

That, at least, is …

The TIME Creativity Poll

In partnership with the Motion Picture Association of America and Microsoft, TIME polled Americans about the role of creativity in the workplace, in schools and in government. Here are some highlights:

More than 7 in ten …

5 Buzziest Movies To Get Crowdfunded

Crowdfunding used to be a last resort for projects that couldn’t raise money any other way. But now, a growing number of accomplished moviemakers are turning to the masses to avoid the hassle of dealing with overbearing studios.

Watch: Highlights of the 2013 Creativity Conference

On April 26, in a one-of-a-kind event, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) convened leaders from the world of politics, media, business and government to engage in a direct dialogue about the role creativity …

What’s an Oscar Worth at the Box Office?

Is winning a coveted Academy Award a priceless experience? Come on, this is Hollywood. Movie studios don’t tailor their release schedules around Oscar season and pour money into Oscar-bait films just for that warm, fuzzy …

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