Stephen Gandel

Stephen Gandel is a senior writer for TIME, covering real estate, economics and Wall Street. He joined TIME from Time Inc. sister publication Money, where he was a senior writer for several years. Prior to that, Gandel was the senior Wall Street reporter for Crain's New York Business. He has held positions at Individual Investor and the Riverfront Times in St. Louis. Additionally, his work has appeared in Fortune and Esquire.

Articles from Contributor

The Cain 9-9-9 Plan: How Much Would the 99% Pay

The 9-9-9 tax plan of Herman Cain, the former CEO of the Godfather’s Pizza chain who is now running for president, has a $29,000 problem. That’s roughly the difference between how much more the average American family would pay and how much less the richest 1% would pay Uncle Sam each year under the tax overhaul proposed by Cain last …

Latest Housing Bust Casualty: Babies

Back in 2007, America was experiencing a mini-baby boom. The recession brought that to a quick halt. As early as 2008, the country saw a significant drop in birth rates. Baby booms and busts do tend to follow economic cycles. But what was surprising was how quickly birth rates cratered, dropping even before it was clear we were in a …

Denmark Levies First-Ever Fat Tax, Should the U.S.?

A country populated by people whose nationality here doubles as the name of a sugary breakfast treat is probably the last place you would expect to take on fatty foods. But that’s exactly what’s happened. This week Denmark became the first country in the world to levy a tax on fats. Danes will pay an extra $0.12 at the register when …

Stocks Fall as the Fed Launches Operation Twist

The twist is on. On Monday, Ben Bernanke launched his latest effort to boost the economy. The stock market, for one, seems skeptical it will work.

The plan, which has been dubbed Operation Twist, is for the Fed to cash out of $400 billion worth of its short-term bonds and replace them with long-term debt. The first move came Monday …

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