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I'm the business and economics columnist for TIME. Before joining the magazine in 2007, I spent more than a decade writing and editing for Fortune. I started this blog, the Curious Capitalist, on CNNMoney.com (Fortune's Internet home) in 2006. Way back when, I also worked at the American Banker, the Birmingham News, and the (Tulare, Calif.) Advance-Register. I grew up outside San Francisco in the lovely town of Lafayette, attended Acalanes High School (Go Dons!), went to college at Princeton, and lived in the Netherlands for a while. I'm married and have a son, and we live in New York City. Oh, and I've written a book. It's called 'The Myth of the Rational Market.' The Economist says it's "fascinating and entertainingly told." The FT says it's an "excellent new history," Burton Malkiel (writing in the Wall Street Journal) says it's "a valuable and highly readable history of risk and reward." Arthur Laffer (pontificating on CNBC), says it's "absolutely exquisite." Publisher's Weekly says it's "spellbinding." USA Today says it's "yawn-inducing." I could go on and on—and I do (although not so much about the yawns), at my personal website, byjustinfox.com. E-mail me at capitalist@timemagazine.com

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Continuing to defend Larry Summers

As promised, I asked Larry Summers what he does for D.E. Shaw. Being the hedge fund guy that he is now, he wouldn’t tell me anything on the record. But I can quote from the D.E. Shaw press release announcing his arrival:

Dr. Summers will be involved on a part-time basis in various strategic initiatives and high-level portfolio management

Remember Social Security?

So I didn’t actually watch the State of the Union address, other than the Dikembe Mutombo moment. Veronica Mars had a monkey to find, Alabama was playing Auburn in basketball … Plus, I got out of political reporting a long time ago in part because I really can’t take speeches.

Still, I am capable of doing a text search, and so I did …

The social responsibility of Milton Friedman

As of today, I write for Time, and the Curious Capitalist is back. I’m finding it a very strange experience to start work at an actual news organization after being immersed for weeks in the (re)writing of a book. I haven’t been reading newspapers, I’ve barely touched the telephone, and the only places on the Web I’ve been going to …

Holiday extravagance at Samsung

Okay, so I said I wasn’t going to be posting much. But this is too good not to share:

I got a DHL Express Letter the other day sent straight from “Samsung Main Building” in Seoul. What could be so important that the Korean electronics giant would spend $30 or $40 to get to me? (According to the DHL website, it would cost me $44.10 to send …

Work slowdown at the Curious Capitalist

I haven’t been posting much lately, and won’t post much (if at all) over the next few weeks because I’m taking some time off to finally really and truly finish the book I’ve been working on for the past few years.

The book is tentatively titled The Myth of the Rational Investor, and it grew out of an article I wrote for Fortune‘s annual …

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