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To spend or not to spend

David Leonhardt is out with a great column on the spend-vs.-austerity debate (which Steve and Michael have also rung in on). Leonhardt’s piece provides both historical context and intellectual honesty: there are reasons to think it’s time to cut governmental spending and avoid future problems associated with high levels of sovereign …

The housing slide we’ve been waiting for

We’ve known for a long time that the expiration of the federal home-buying tax credit would trip up the housing market. Many people who had been planning on buying a house down the road accelerated that decision in order to grab the credit. The byproduct of that acceleration was always going to be that post-credit there would be fewer …

Who will be the next China?

UPDATE: My colleague Austin Ramzy has written a story on this topic. You can read it here.

This morning the New York Times is the latest to ring in with an article about rising wages in China:

The salaries of factory workers in China are still low compared to those in the United States and Europe: the hourly wage in southern China is

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