Bill Saporito

Bill Saporito is an assistant managing editor of TIME and directs the magazine's coverage of business, the economy, personal finance and sports. A Time Inc. veteran, Saporito joined TIME in 1996 as a senior editor. He directed TIME's coverage of the global financial crisis, writing and editing stories about the stock market, investing, the mortgage industry, the real estate bust, bank bailouts and the U.S. auto industry. Previously, he was a senior editor at Fortune, where he was a member of the publication's board of editors. He began his career at the New York Daily News. Saporito received a B.A. from Bucknell University and an M.A. from Syracuse University. He and his wife live in Manhattan.

Articles from Contributor

Viewpoint: The Art of Badmouthing Good Jobs News

If there’s one thing that Americans for Prosperity won’t tolerate, it’s prosperity.

That was the message from the group’s leader following this morning’s economic news: a better-than-expected employment report, and the upward revision of figures for the prior two months. “Reckless spending, higher debt, and ever-higher …

More Turbulence for American Airlines

American Airlines has ordered more than 500 new jets—Airbus A320s, Boeing 777s and Boeing 787s— and they probably can’t get here soon enough. Earlier this week the company, which is operating in Chapter 11, had to

The Airlines Get a Little Cranky

Interesting week in the airline business. On Thursday a cranky three-year-old got his entire family chucked off an Alaska Airlines flight for refusing to put away his iPad, buckle his seatbelt and behave. Who does that kid think …

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