Head of Crashed Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Reappears

CEO Mark Karpeles writes in web post that he's working to find a solution

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Kiyoshi Ota / Bloomberg via Getty Images

The website of Mt. Gox, showing a statement after the company went offline, is displayed on a laptop computer in an arranged photograph in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014.

The head of Mt. Gox, the dominant bitcoin exchange that suspended trading Tuesday amid accusations of rampant theft, has written in a web post that he is still in Tokyo and “working very hard” to solve his organization’s troubles.

CEO Mark Karpeles has retreated from the public eye, but now says that different parties support him in finding a “solution to our recent issues.” Neither the solution nor the parties were detailed in his two-paragraph post on the Mt. Gox website.

“Please visit this page for further announcements and updates,” he said.

It is unclear whether Mt. Gox’s crash will put the virtual currency at risk.