Candy Crush Maker’s Profits Swelled 7,000 Percent on Game’s Success

King Digital Entertainment’s stunning growth was revealed in the company’s IPO filing Tuesday

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If your legions of bleary-eyed, Candy Crush-playing friends weren’t enough evidence of the game’s popularity, here’s another piece: Profits for the game maker King Digital Entertainment skyrocketed 7,000 percent on Candy Crush’s success.

The surge in profits, from $7.8 million to 567.6 million, was revealed in King’s initial public offering filing Tuesday, The New York Times reports. The 11-year-old company revealed it has 128 million daily active users, 93 million of whom play Candy Crush.

The company is expected to seek a multibillion dollar valuation despite the fact that share prices at competitor gaming companies have fallen short of late, as investors worry they won’t be able to build on initial successes to create profitable new gaming franchises.