There’s Another ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ Video and It’s Gruesome

A Valentine's Day sequel

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If you’ve never seen the video ‘Dumb Ways to Die,’ clear out the next three minutes of your life and let this video warm your heart. Now that you’re a fan, rejoice! There’s a new Valentine’s Day sequel starring our favorite doomed cartoon characters, who are able to suffer incredibly gruesome deaths with smiles on their faces. I won’t spoil the death in this new holiday spot, but it’s … graphic.

The ‘Dumb Way to Die’ videos aren’t just made for laughs, though. They’re actually a public safety campaign by Melbourne Metro aimed at encouraging smart habits around trains in the Australian city. Both the Valentine’s Day version and the original video end with lessons on train safety for drivers and pedestrians. The campaign, starkly different from a typical, somber public safety announcement, was devised by McCann Australia. It’s grown into an Internet sensation, with the original video garnering more than 70 million views on YouTube and a smartphone game netting more than 14 million downloads. Melbourne Metro is even planning to launch a line of plush toys this year. It’s likely this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the ‘Dumb’ characters.