These Are the 5 Most Badass Bosses of All Time

Some bosses aren't in it to be loved

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McMullan/Sipa USA / McMullan/Sipa USA

Martha Stewart

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Steve Jobs. Martha Stewart. Some bosses aren’t in it to be loved. Here’s how that works, and how it doesn’t.

1. Steve Jobs: The Perfectionist

Gave employees a higher purpose but was unsparing about their shortcomings.

2. Barry Diller: The Taskmaster

Embraces creative conflict but intimidates employees into pulling all-nighters.

3. Scott Rudin: The Hothead

Produced hits such as The Social Network and School of Rock; once fired an assistant for bringing him the wrong muffin.

4. Martha Stewart: The Control Freak

Made a fortune on her attention to detail but has trouble ceding control.

5. George Steinbrenner: The competitor

Core belief: “Winning is the most important thing in life, after breathing.”

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