Subway Targets Kids With New Marketing Campaign

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Subway is removing a chemical in their bread found in Yoga mats.

Sandwich shop Subway wants to battle McDonald’s Happy Meal head on. The fast food chain is prepping its largest marketing campaign ever for its kids meals in hopes of convincing children that veggies can be cooler than cheeseburgers.

The campaign, centered around the slogan “Playtime, Powered by Veggies,” will include a revamped kids menu and a three-year, $41 million investment in TV commercials, digital ads and social media marketing. The new menu selections will be no more than 600 calories and include an emphasis on fruits, vegetables and no sugary drinks.

Subway will even try to entice kids by including merchandise with kids meals, though these items will be educational materials instead of toys. The promotion is happening in collaboration with Partnership for a Healthier America, a nonprofit backed by Michelle Obama that promotes nutritious and active lifestyles. “We’re going to try to get kid consumers to ask us to pile on the cucumbers or the spinach,” Subway Chief Marketing Officer Tony Pace told Advertising Age.

The large investment still pales in comparison to the amount McDonald’s spends advertising to kids. The world’s largest fast food chain spends more in a single year marketing Happy Meals than Subway will spend during its three-year commitment, according to Ad Age.