Nintendo Stock Tumbles After Grim Sales Forecast

Wii U likely to sell less than a third of estimates, company admits

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AFP/Getty Images / AFP/Getty Images

The gaming giant responsible for the Super Mario Bros. and Tetris is facing some rough terrain, as grave loss estimates caused Nintendo’s stock to tumble Monday.

Nintendo forecasted an operating loss of $35 billion yen ($335.2 million) on Friday for the fiscal year ending in March, a big swing from the 100 billion-yen ($957.7 million) profit it had previously forecast, reports CNN. Meanwhile, the company dramatically reduced estimates for global sales of its Wii U console from 9 million to 2.8 million.

Shareholders quickly responded and the stock closed more than 6% lower Monday.

The company has resisted expanding into increasingly popular online gaming and entertainment-based features, and unlike its competitors Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo hasn’t pushed their gaming consoles into integrated computing devices.